Z Chamber 15 Developer Commentary

This was chamber 11 (and chamber 14 in the code) in PortalZ: The 2020 Slice.

Developer commentary may include spoilers; I recommend you finish PortalZ before reading further.

The first electric field.

The electric fields are a mix of the ones from Portal: The Flash Version and Portal: Prelude.  I kept the general appearance from Flash Version because they just looked phenomenal, but I kept the yellow-orange color from Prelude since nothing else blue kills you, and it matched the color of the high energy pellets.  Also, like Prelude, electric fields fizzle cubes, which makes them essentially a combination red wall and fizzler, rather than just a red wall on a timer.

Wall tiles in the final room flip from portal proof to portalable.

As I have already said multiple times, I really like movable panels, and I really like reusing the same element for multiple parts of a chamber, but goodness, making it all work in physical space and choreographing all the moving parts can be a lot of work.