Z Chamber 17 Developer Commentary

Developer commentary may include spoilers; I recommend you finish PortalZ before reading further.

The entrance to the chamber has a cube dropper with a weighted companion cube.
I knew I wanted to do a companion cube level, and I really liked the idea of making the player guide the cube through the level without killing it.  After Portal 2 came out, I realized I had inadvertently been following primitive versions of some patterns that were more fleshed out in co-op levels.

Also, fun fact, I worked on some of the earliest iterations of this level before I learned to make a cube dropper drop multiple cubes since it only ever needed to drop one companion cube.

A wall collapses, creating an escape hatch.
There was no reason the escape hatch had to be this dramatic; it was just too much fun to not do it once, and a part of a level that was all about cubes on top of cubes on top of cubes seemed the best place for it.

One additional note: I am strongly leaning toward not leaving this as chamber 17 for the final pack, but that is something for future!Zachary to address.